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ABS Journeyman Smith

forged in fire champion




My journey in making knives began in 2012, when I became fascinated with Bob Loveless, and his timeless drop point hunter. I studied his knives, and his process, and decided that I would try my hand at making a knife of my own.  I was very pleased with the result. Making my first knife taught me a number of important lessons, the most important of which was that I needed a much more advanced understanding of technique, and metallurgy. So I started soaking up everything I could.


My name is Joshua Frost, and I am a professional bladesmith. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but I lived most of my life in Southern California, and eastern Virginia. I currently reside in Liverpool, New York.


I read every book there was to read on bladesmithing. I tried things, failed, and then started to slowly succeed. I learned from masters like Tim Hancock, Burt Foster, Jason Knight, Kevin Cashen, Kyle Royer, Jerry Fisk, and David Lisch. I studied everything they produced, and started to emulate them the best I could.



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